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At my house, we kind of have a problem. There's no way to use the home phones. Both of them (One is yellow with a cord, the other is a cordless, oldish kind) don't allow me to call anyone. It's kind of scary. (Luckily, we still have our cell phones, and all the electricity and Internet is functioning properly) My parents say some people will be coming over on Saturday to see if they can fix the problem. If it's a problem with the wires outside it's free, but if we did something wrong with what's inside, the bill's on us.

I forgot to post the cooking schedule earlier and I couldn't find the time to post...Sorry folks. I was busy working on my factoring story. It is coming along okay since I type some during school, too. The problem is, I have no pictures in the whole story except for the cover (Must find some or draw some) and I haven't gotten past the climax yet. (We have to do all the parts of the "plot line" - exposition, rising action, turning point, climax, falling action, and resolution)

Anyhow, back to the cooking. On Wednesday we were talking about factory farming. It's like a small space is used to raise many, many animals. It's a terrible life since the animals will be separated from their families practically from birth and will be fed antibiotics. Bleck! (Cows have dead, mashed up cows in their food. It's disgusting, since cows are vegetarians. Oh, and pigs have their snouts bashed in before being killed since the pain will keep them from struggling.) So we were encouraged to choose small family farms or organic farms since they are at least better than factory farms. (Even if it's says "Cage-free" on the boxes of chicken eggs, that just means there is no cage. That's all)

Thursday was roll-up sandwiches. Each little kitchen received a big tortilla. Some of the tortillas had mold on them and Mrs. Fromm had to give us a new one. Then we mixed cream cheese and ranch dressing to make a kind of spread. It not only adds flavor but will help the sandwich stay in the rolled position later on. We dropped the toppings (ham and turkey, cheese, leaves, and tomatoes) and rolled the sandwich up tightly. Then we cut it up into pieces. It was really cute. So cute that someone in my history class saw it and wanted the recipe.

Friday, today, we did two-tone smoothies. Unfortunately, when Mrs. Fromm went shopping, she couldn't find any mangos. So she had to use mango juice. That's different since it changes the way the smoothie turns out, and mangos work better since you also make a strawberry smoothie which goes on top/bottom of the mango smoothie. (I would show you a picture of the finished product but I am having trouble finding one.) So our smoothies kind of got mixed together, but oh well. The taste, not the looks, is what matters, right? (Not always. But that's a different story.)

The weather has taken a turn for the worse. It was raining on and off all day. When school ended it was really starting to pour. Luckily my dad made it home from work early and managed to pick me up. I am getting sick of basketball in PE because not only are we learning a strange new style of chucking the ball, whenever I dribble, muddy water gets all over my hands.

At the top to the left is the "icon" of the day. Ho-hum. I hope whoever owns them doesn't mind.

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