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It's really boring washing my hair, and since the TV is at just the right angle, I often watch DVDs at the same time, so it helps to pass the time while I wait for the conditioner to sink into my head and that kind of thing. I was looking for something to watch, and I spotted a Korean movie that my mom had checked out from the library, called "A Millionaire's First Love". (Look, already the name sounds corny... XD)

Well, I started watching it, and I saw the female lead. She looked oddly familiar. I kept watching and I thought, "Hey, I really do think I've seen her somewhere." She looked like the actress in another Korean drama I watched, "One Fine Day". So I looked up the One Fine Day Wikipedia article (I really overuse Wikipedia. Some people say Tvtropes is better, but I still prefer Wikipedia. I mean, Wikipedia is the most accurate encyclopedia in the world because it can get updated much faster than book encyclopedias). And it was the same actress after all!

The weird thing was that in A Millionaire's First Love, the actress, Lee Yeon Hee, played a character who had a heart problem. In One Fine Day, she was also a character with a heart problem. Was that a coincidence or not? o_O;;

And then there was the male lead. The actor, Hyun Bin, was apparently in another movie, My Lovely Sam Soon/My Name is Kim Sam Soon (it goes by two different names), and I had watched that drama as well. And in Sam Soon, Hyun Bin played a rich person. In A Millionaire's First Day, he was a millionaire. Uncanny?

My mother says that's pretty bad because it means that they run out of ideas for dramas and they have to combine ideas and use the same idea in a different way and so on.

On to some other news. I wore my costume to school the other day. The mask was very shiny and all, but it was uncomfortable to wear. It makes your face too warm, and it doesn't fit too well because my nose doesn't stick out enough to hold the mask up properly (Asian genetics are at fault, I guess?). Oh well. I'll just have to tie it around my head more tightly in the future to make sure it won't slip. But it might make me sweat and be uncomfortable.

I don't think I've ever really talked about the cross country team at my school, so I will now. They have some interesting shirts. Everyone has a white t-shirt saying the name of the school, and Cross Country (or X Country! I forget exactly) and there's that year's slogan on the back. I heard that it started out with something like "No Pain, No Gain" and it went on and on, and last year or the year before it was "Pain is a privilege". This year it's the best one yet. "Burn, bleed, and sweat" is the slogan. Since our school has a lot of good runners, usually the other schools' teams are behind us, so they end up reading what's on our shirts. So the folks coming up with slogans try to make it a little rougher every year. And the kids behind our team will be crying, "Waaah! We don't burn, bleed, and sweat! No wonder we're not winning!"

My PE teacher is eviler than he seems to be. I thought he was a mild, soft-spoken, patient sort of person. He's got a dark side. He was telling one of his students that he only will tell you once if he wants you to stop doing something (like misbehaving and not working hard) and after that he simply takes off points rather than saying anything. So your grade will suffer without you even knowing. Sneaky! D: I heard he used to be a math teacher. I wonder if that has any influence or not. I mean, my math teacher is pretty sneaky too, putting things in his tests that I haven't learned for a very long time.

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