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Usually the term is spring cleaning. But it's not spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, and so I have changed the term to suit my needs. My mom suddenly got it in her head to sort through old, unworn clothes and decide whether to give it away or keep it. Because of sentimental reasons (and because I "don't have a charitable bone in my body" D: ) I still insist on keeping clothes, but my mom eventually persuaded me to give away some of it to my relatives or donate it. I know no one in my family can wear the clothes since there is no one young in this house, but it's still kind of sad.

I remember one time I was suddenly interested in the bathroom sink. I grabbed a rag and started cleaning it, as well as the two knobs for the temperature and the spout. I have been planning for a while to do some interior decorating in my house but I never got around to it. I wonder if this is yet another plan that is going to be put off again and again?

Apparently there is one person in my class at school who has a job, but it's not really an official one. Since he plays golf, he cleans up the ranges by picking up the golf balls. It takes maybe forty-five minutes according to him. And then he gets free golf that week. It actually saves his parents hundreds of dollars. I think he gets free drinks too. Sounds pretty nice to me, having a job like that.

Another good job to have (I am talking about when you are young, and don't have a college degree, and can only work part-time) would be the movie theater. My teacher's son used to work at the theater and I think he got to see movies for free... But I heard he wouldn't eat the popcorn there ever again after he saw how it was made. My teacher says it is very unhealthy since they dump a lot of butter on the movie popcorn. Are you allowed to bring your own popcorn? Carb free popcorn helps you to relax, according to a book I glanced at back in cooking class last year, so that would be a good idea.

I had been thinking of taking on a job at Jamba Juice when I am old enough, because you can get a free smoothie every shift or something like that. But I am a little worried about how loud it would be, what with several blenders going at once. Still, the smoothies are a real temptation. I will still consider it for possible part-time jobs (like during the summer, I am too lazy or too busy to work during the school year).

In French class (yup, yet again) we were given the assignment of making posters that said J'aime le Français, and I wasn't sure how to go about it, so I decided to use my trusty GIMP and the computer. I'm so glad that GIMP works. Too bad it doesn't have anywhere near the brushes it used to. (I keep them backed up on my hard drive so if I want to use a brush in GIMP I can simply copy it from my hard drive to the GIMP's folders. That way my computer doesn't get too slowed down) But I found out something cool - that you can use the Photoshop brushes in GIMP. Just download and move the abr file into GIMP's brushes folder and voila! I wouldn't have been able to use the Eiffel Tower brush I found otherwise. You can see the poster that I made if you CLICK HERE. Click on the image to expand it to the full view. By the way, J'aime le Français means "I like the French" or "I love the French".

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