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I saw a picture with these very words on it when I was in a store. I believe it was probably Michael's. We go there whenever we need art supplies, like the time I needed black paint (I had green, red, yellow, red, blue, and white paint already because when I took a painting class before, we were given the leftover paints). They sell art there too, and there was a cute picture of some rubber ducks. And there was a little rubber duck on the back of a big one. I thought it was a very nice picture but I hadn't the heart to ask to buy it since it's not exactly practical (except for maybe decorating a bathroom wall or something).

Anyways, I was thinking that, really, life is simply life. There are ups and downs...Which is definitely true when it comes to my grades (recently I'd been on the down, but maybe soon I'll be on the "road to recovery", if we use the terms to describe our current economy). And sometimes things happen. Like getting injured, which seems to happen to me quite often.

Lacrosse is one of my favorite sports, besides bocce ball and basketball. Unfortunately, that doesn't save me from getting injured. I wonder if I am not only a magnet for miracles (see post by the same name) but also a magnet for balls. One time a lacrosse ball whacked me in the face. Luckily, I didn't bruise, but it was sore for a little while. Then, in the same day, a ball hit me on the leg. I wonder if we don't need lacrosse protective gear.

Soccer is also dangerous. A soccer ball would've hit me in the stomach, but I whirled to the side, so it hit me in the side instead. (I wonder if it's better to be hit in the stomach or the side?) And when I was young, I was trying to get a ball out from under some bushes, but then someone threw a football at my head. (Wait...Did they do that on purpose? If so, I must have some enemies that I'm not aware of.)

Ducks don't always have the greatest life either. There are people out there who hunt, so you could get shot down by a rifle and then get picked up by a dog. Not too pleasant for the duck, but fun for the human. Then again, ducks have the chance to be fed bread crumbs if they go to the park. (You're not supposed to feed them, but I did it a few times when I was a wee child.) But if we poisoned the bread, they'd be in big trouble, because I don't know if they can distinguish between safe and unsafe...

Speaking of ducking, I remember that last year there was a kid in my village (each village has a few teachers that teach the four core subjects. For your elective or PE teacher, you can have any of the teachers, but for the four core subjects, you can only have the teachers in your village, so you have the same core teachers all year) nicknamed Squeakers. He didn't live up to his name, though. When someone (I think the teacher! o_O;; ) threw an object (I think it was maybe the fake brain he keeps in his class) at Squeakers, instead of squeaking, he just ducked. So now he's Duckers instead.

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