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In my math class, a conflict arose over the single tissue box that is open in the classroom. There are more of them, since we turned them in for extra credit (along with the measurements of the tissue box and its volume on the bottom) at the beginning of the school year. But only one was open, and it was on the left side of the room. A guy walking over there to get a tissue said he wished there was one on the other side so he wouldn't have to walk so far. The teacher suggested we simply move the tissue box over, but that wouldn't work because then the people on the left side would have to walk far for tissues. It would have been best to put it in the middle. Or even better, open more tissue boxes and place them at strategic points in the room.

Tissues have been brought up in another class, too - history class. My teacher showed us a tissue box that he kept and doesn't plan to use because he received it from a student and it said some interesting things on it, like "Please don't leave me in your pocket in the laundry" (not specifically quoted since I can't quite recall), "I'm there when you need to pick up icky things", "I'm there when you're sad", and whatnot. What a talkative tissue box. (Though other tissue boxes do have words on them. Once I turned over a tissue box and there was a poem on the bottom)

By the way, when searching for the image of the tissue box (which I still haven't found) I noticed some other cool ones, like watermelon slice-shaped tissue boxes, and cat tissue boxes, and whatnot. (Probably it's just a cover put on a tissue box, but it's still nice.) CLICK HERE for an example of one that sort of matches my blog's layout, hehe.

Anyways, back to my history teacher. He apparently had a dream where he went to school as normal, but then his tissue box tower was a lot shorter. He has a tower of tissue boxes next to his desk which he collected from the students. The teacher seemed kind of emotional, since he said he had worked so hard to get the tissue boxes and it was saddening to see many of them gone suddenly.

I kind of understand the gist of it, I suppose. I had a similar experience recently except that I wasn't sad at all, like I had expected to be. I always used to visit a website called Nutrinopets, because of the forums, but it had gone down some time ago. I expected it to come back online, but it never did. I've always wondered how I was going to quit, and it looks like the work has been done for me. I guess I'm kind of sad because I won't get to really say goodbye to it, but I'm also pleased because I have somewhat more free time now.

Do you recall me complaining about the weirdness of the labels on Blogger? Well, it seems to be fixed now! And now I can put lots of labels at my will. Plus, the drop down/up menu shows up again when I start typing a label I have already used. I'm so glad it got changed back to normal. It's like there was someone listening to me.

That reminds me of Pita-Ten, a manga I finished recently. It's not that new, so the whole series was already out. The author is Koge-Donbo. (I always thought it was a two person team, like Peach-Pit, but it turned out it was one person) Pita-Ten is about a boy who meets a clueless, hyper angel, and also a demon. The story turns out differently in the manga and the anime. I'd say the manga is more serious. (Oh yeah, and Koge-Donbo also is the author of the mangas Kamichama Karin and Digi-Charat) Basically, I was thinking it was almost like I had an angel watching me and they found a way to fix my problem.

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