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I usually wouldn't put up a teacher's first name like this, but then again, his first name is already on the Internet, and the title wouldn't work unless I did. (By the way, I've never actually watched Edward Scissorhands, all I know is that it's a Johnny Depp movie)

My teacher doesn't have scissors for hands, but he does have scissors, that's for sure. I was waiting for the lunch bell to ring, and I was standing in the shade of a building because the sun was pretty warm. (The weather can't seem to make up its mind whether to be cold or warm. Get it? Weather, whether? Sorry, lame joke.) Shirayuki no Kimi (SnK for short) is also present.

My teacher went inside his classroom and opened the blinds a bit, then he walked around inside for a while...And came out holding scissors! He held them in a dangerous fashion, too, with the sharp edges pointing away from him. That's not nice. If he tripped he could impale someone with the scissors. In fact, he even made snipping motions with the scissors, which was pretty suspicious, if you ask me.

But then he turned around and bent over the flowers in front of his classroom, and then he snipped off the dead part of a plant and tossed it carelessly over his shoulder. And once he was done with that flower bed, he went over to the one next door and did the same thing.

In the meantime, SnK and I added sound effects every time he snipped something, to make the scene more dramatic.

That reminds me, though, according to the student planner, scissors aren't allowed at school (at least, the students can't bring them). But I'm not sure if that means all scissors, or if that means you can bring the kiddie scissors (the kinds that don't have a metal part, but instead are all one material, and which are hard to cut with). Also, there are some mistakes in the planner, like how the old principal and vice principal's names were not replaced with the names of the new principal and vice principal. I think there are spelling errors as well. I suppose they don't think it's all that important to actually do a good job writing the student planner's content, even though they do think it's important to make us read from it in the beginning of the year. (In fact, we had a quiz on the content of the student planner in my science class)

Something odd happened to me on accident when I was about to type this blog post. I hit the wrong keys on the keyboard. I am using Google Chrome right now to type this (I usually use Mozilla Firefox, but I'm on a different computer so I don't want to log my dad out of his blogger account). Well, then I came up with a window that was something called "incognito" browsing. It said that with incognito browsing, you can use the Internet but nothing you do will be recorded in your history, and stuff like that. And it had a cool symbol of a sneaky guy in the corner. But I decided to get rid of the screen. (I can't figure out how to get it again, though. But that was interesting, nevertheless.)

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