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I had the strangest sense that there was some heavenly being watching over me. (I am more superstitious over time, though I still consider myself to be an atheist) As I was walking along, minding my own business, I noticed a feather floating down from the sky. It was pretty close to me, so I grabbed it and held on to it (or it would've been blown away, as it has been quite windy nowadays). It was actually a lot like this, from the manga Pita Ten. And it made me wonder if there might me some sort of guardian angel watching over me. (Not that I would ever know, but it's nice in theory, at least)

More news about my math teacher...Apparently not only does he have scissorhands, but he also has a bringer of happiness. Last year, we received some red pens (the pen itself, I don't mean the ink) which have smiley bobbling heads on the top, and the heads have some hair, with a mix of red and white. Some folks had a lot of red on their heads, but I had a lot of white on mine! That means I really must be old if I was given one of the few pens with a lot of white hair. D:

Anyways, my teacher has kept his pen. He said that the pen will make anyone happy if they look at it. One of the students was dubious and said that the teacher should try it on him; he would resist laughing. At first the student didn't laugh, but then my teacher shook it, and the student couldn't help himself. So it seems that the pen really does do that. Whoa. o_O;; Everyone should keep theirs with them, then.

Oh yeah, and you know what a stoic expression is? Not showing your emotion and all that? It just occurred to me that the term poker face is a synonym for that. In French class, we had an oral test today. This is the first time that we ever had an oral test, and it was really nervewracking. The teacher said she would try to keep a poker face on.

After it was done, though, she said, "It's interesting, that the ages of people range from 6 to 40." (Let me explain...The teacher would ask random questions in French from a list that she has. We studied these questions the day before. One of the questions asked you what your age was.) We were allowed to make up things as long as they were grammatically correct, but it was pretty funny, since one student said "J'ai six ans" (which means I have six years - in French, you "own" or "have" your age) and another said "J'ai quarante ans" which is I have forty years. The teacher asked the students, "If you're 6 years old and 40 years old, what are you doing in eighth grade?" to which they replied, "I skipped grades!" and "I'm a teacher!" (Which isn't true...Or so I think.)

I had planned to post earlier, but I didn't have time this week. There's been so many tests in a row, plus a project, and Halloween is coming up. Speaking of which, I'm keeping my costume a secret until Halloween comes around. Ha! But I will say that a mask was supposed to be part of it. The only problem is, the vice principal said we could wear our costumes to school, but then she said we can't wear masks, and that ruins my costume because it will make it hard to tell what I am. (Same with some other person in my class who said he planned not to wear his classroom because he wasn't allowed to wear a mask) I guess they need to know who you are so they'll be sure that some random stranger isn't lurking around the campus, but that's still annoying. For once I'm something different than a witch or a Hawaiian tourist for Halloween and now I can't wear the whole costume at school (though I suppose I could still wear it on the actual holiday itself).

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