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Unfortunately, not my deceased tree, but actually a friend of mine who moved to Taiwan back in fifth grade. Well, recently, I got a call from her and apparently she is coming to the USA for the summer. I thought she was here because she was born in the USA and is therefore a USA citizen (there was a situation like that for my other friend, who lives in China. She has to come back to the USA occasionally because she is supposed to be just "visiting" and so can't stay in China all the time) but apparently Taiwan is very hot in the summer. Also, she's supposed to move back to the USA eventually - at the very least, before college. It's a good thing for her to live in another country since apparently colleges favor so-called foreign students. And anyways it seems most people think that colleges in the USA are better than those in Taiwan or China...Hmm.

Happy two days after the 4th of July! I was surprised that some people in other countries don't seem to know what the importance of the day is, but then again, I guess it's of no relevance to them anyways. Even in my family, though we live in the USA, we don't care too much about this holiday, except for the fact that my parents get a day off from work.

Recently I was very cheered since I got the Ouran manga's first volume from the library, and also Part 2 of the anime, so now I have been spending my time reading and watching. But unfortunately I have already read the volume of the manga and I am impatiently waiting for more to arrive from the library (I've requested it online, it's very useful!). Ah, well. The world doesn't end until 2012, or so I've heard.

I've tried my hand at knitting lately. My mom knows how, because she says when she was young, half the girls knew how to knit. But nowadays the percentage of people who can knit is really small. It's a dying art...Anyhow, I bought a bundle of light blue yarn. My mom already has needles which she brought from Shanghai. They're made out of wood and they kind of remind me of chopsticks that are round, and pointy at both ends. It's kind of hard to get to hang of knitting at first but if you go slow and patient it'll work out, and it'll feel like a miracle when you understand it. I was really pleased once I was able to do it. I'm going to make a scarf since that's supposed to be easier than a sweater, hat, etc.

It seems like there is a lot of bad drivers out there. My parents often complain about less-than-perfect behavior among drivers. We saw drivers tossing their cigarettes out onto the road. How horrible! If you're going to smoke, don't litter while you're at it, that makes it kind of like the phrase "adding insult to injury". And there's those people who run the red lights, meaning that they drive even when the traffic light is showing yellow or red...And also people who just drive without even looking to see if anyone is crossing the street. People are really dreadful when they're driving...

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