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This morning, I found that my mom wanted me to eat some Halloween cookies from her office for breakfast. They tasted kind of weird. I practiced piano for a while afterward, and then went on the computer, but I was booted off because we had to go to the library and return the books that were due. I took a bunch of books, although I wasn't really that interested in some of them. When you're running out of books to read, you gotta take what's at least fairly decent.

Then I came home, ate a sandwich, and soon afterward was whisked off to Stanford University by my dad. The campus is big and rather confusing. I probably would have gotten lost without the map and a bit of common sense. My classes were Sleep and Athletic Performance Improvement from 1-2 pm, and Jewelry Making from 2-4 pm.

The first class was mainly focused on sleep - sleep debt, sleep disorders, dreams, the like. At first, we had some technical problems because the instructor was trying to find some way to make the screen for the projector come down.

On the other hand, the second class was rather hassling for me because I arrived a little bit late and there wasn't much room in the classroom. There was not much glue and scissors to go around so we had to share and wait for people to pass them around. Anyhow, I did manage to string together some beads but it doesn't look that great...

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