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This morning I made a most horrifying discovery. My mother was working from home and decided we ought to do a bit of spring cleaning in my bedroom, so we took the pillows and covers off of my bed so that they could be washed or aired. When I looked at the black sheet that is under my mattress...I saw little white things covering it. At first I was just disgusted, thinking it was just dust, pillow fluff, or perhaps my own dead skin. But then I took a closer look and noticed that a few of the little tiny white things were moving.

What could they possibly be? I'd take a picture, but they're too small to good shot of.
- Dandruff? No, it wouldn't move if it was.
- Termites? No, the white things are too small to be termites.
- Larvae of some sort? It's possible, but I'm not certain.
- Bed bugs? No, they would've bitten me. And they were white colored, while bed bugs, I believe, are darkly colored.
- Dust mites? This seems quite likely. I read online that dust mites like to stay in places with plenty of dead skin, which makes my bed a prime candidate. (Gross, I know.) Since dust mites can trigger sneezing, which I've been doing a lot of lately, I think so far this is the most probable cause.
But if you have any ideas for what the little white things could be, please do let me know.

Well, we're going to have to clean the bed a lot more often from now on, that's for certain. I am rather disturbed by this turn of events. Imagine what sort of horrible nest of bugs I've been sleeping in each night. Maybe that's why I have trouble getting to sleep - my body might instinctively know that there's something undesirable beneath my mattress. Actually, I probably should've noticed the more obvious warning signs. Sometimes I do my homework or study on the bed, and occasionally when I opened one of my textbooks I would see a tiny little bug (sometimes reddish-colored) moving around on the page. I'd quickly squash it, be disturbed momentarily, and then forget all about it. I suspect those tiny creatures in the textbooks are related to the ones that I found in my bed.

What added to my disgust further was the banana that I opened up this morning. It looks fine on the outside, and most of the inside tasted okay, but there was a part at the bottom that was brown. Not only that, but a few days ago I was eating an egg. We'd kept it a long time already, and though we'd kept it in the refrigerator before heating it up, it tasted rather odd. I mentioned it to my parents, and very soon after they said the egg was probably rotting and told me to stop eating it. So never keep your food for a long time if you can help it.

And I know that my house, being built on wood, has a termite problem. We also get spiders and flies coming in whenever they find a hole in the screens (of the windows) or whenever the door is open. We've gotten a few unwelcome visits from ants too, probably seeking shelter during the hot summer months (I don't typically leave food lying around in the bathroom, and it is one of the cooler rooms of the house). I daresay the insects and microorganisms own this house more than I do. I don't know if I can rest easy here anymore.

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