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I can't remember the two dreams that I had last night clearly anymore, but I can recall that in the second dream, I had run a long distance. It was either about 3 or 5 miles, which would have been fairly tiresome either way, but I felt just fine after the run. Felt good enough to eat one of the free burgers. (But it was from Subway, for some reason, so maybe it was just a new circular sandwich.)

I'd been very indecisive this year about filling out my course selection form for next school year. I found out that sophomores were not allowed to take Photography anymore (something about giving the spots to juniors and seniors who hadn't fulfilled the art requirements to graduate) and was left floundering as to what I'd do for an elective. French 3 took up one of the spots, and I felt like I ought to take 7 classes. (My mom always used to bug me about taking 7 classes. She thought that since I had the opportunity to have more classes, I should take advantage of it. She doesn't pressure me anymore, but I've already been permanently scarred, I guess. So now I feel like I have to do more.)

My parents were eager to get me to take Business, but I have absolutely no interest in it, since I view it as an evil and greedy institution (yes, I know, I am very prejudiced in that regard). What I wanted to try out was Commercial Art/Graphic Design, but my mom thought it wasn't very impressive to the colleges since it's not really the most rigorous of classes... (Also, if I were to take classes for graphic design, then I couldn't proudly say that I'm self-taught anymore. And I don't plan to do graphic design for a living right now.) Still, there wasn't much else I was interested in. I wasn't planning to take Art 2, so that's out. Not particularly inclined to join drama or the choir, and I guess I could take Orchestra, but I'd be behind. (Yes, I did play cello for a year in middle school, but I've forgotten most of what I've learned already...)

In the end I picked Law, which is something I am vaguely but not very interested in. It seems that Law this year was 1st period, so if it's 1st period again next year, if I don't like Law, or it's too much work, then I'll just drop it and sleep in every morning. XD So it's not too bad an arrangement.

The thing that really bothered me a lot about deciding on my classes was PE. I'd already made up my mind to do Weight Training, but then I also wanted to join the Cross Country team. I do like to run, actually, as long as I'm not under too much pressure to run fast (like running a mile in PE, that can be pretty stressful). Cross country would have meant a time commitment, though; I'd have to practice two hours a day, five days a week. But I still would've liked to try it. However, if I did take cross country and Weight Training, then I wouldn't get any PE credits for taking cross country (you can only get 10 PE credits a year, I think, and Weight Training would've given me 10). And I could drop Weight Training, but then I'd only have 5 credits from the cross country. So I'd either have to take cross country the year after, or find another sport to do in the springtime to get the other 5 PE credits. (I'm not sure if I'll have time to do cross country in junior year because that is the busiest and most important year of my high school career, so it's a tricky decision).

I thought I'd made up my mind to just give up on Cross Country for the time being, but then I just had to go and have that dream...And now I'm struck by doubt all over again.

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