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I spend a lot of time on the Internet for two reasons in particular: To look at artwork, and to avoid thinking about important matters (namely, my homework). But, of course, it's only a temporary measure, and soon enough deadlines are bound to come calling. Many evenings I end up scrambling to do my homework, cursing myself for spending so much time on the Internet. (Seriously, though, it's so hard to keep track of time on the Internet. It really feels like no time has passed at all.)

And surprise, surprise! I was wandering around Flickr the other day when I stumbled upon this photostream. I thought that the pictures of the theater looked awfully familiar. Seeing the letters "MV" confirmed my suspicions - it was my very own school.

There is one Flickr that I am actually looking for, though, and that would be the photostream of my teacher. I'm not going to ask for it in case she gets creeped out (or maybe she might have something there she wouldn't want me to know about? Though that would just make me more curious). I only know two things about her Flickr:
- She submits her photos under a Creative Commons License (which means people can use her work if they credit her and follow certain other conditions)
- She is doing the 365 days project

I guess I spend a lot more time looking at photos than my peers do, because none of them knew what the 365 days project was... And none of them watched HGTV, either. I don't know whether I should be proud or feel like I'm "forever alone", as they would say on Tumblr.

Well, school and what goes on at it is often on my mind, even if I'm not consciously thinking about it (these days I'm thinking about music, anime, and art practically all the time). Sometimes I have nightmares, like one where I was on the computer in the morning and my parents forgot to tell me to go to school and I ended up missing several classes. (What's frightening is that it might actually happen someday... o_o;; Like if my parents were to go to work early in the morning instead of driving me to school.)

It's not always a bad thing to have school invading my whole being, however, since there are lots of small but entertaining things that go on. The other day, in French class, some of us were picked to tell the class what our partner's response to a question was. My seatmate was telling my response and he started off saying "Il..." Well, il is the word for he, so I said immediately, "Il? IL?!" (Seems like my gender often gets messed up unintentionally. I've been mistaken for a guy before by people who haven't met me three times already.)

I think someone in my class was saying something about dead babies the other day... o_o;;

There's one thing that was both funny and annoying, which was when the song Friday just came out. A few people were trying to translate it to the French. My seatmate says he even sang the song and changed his voice in Audacity to make him sound like Rebecca Black. (I still haven't listened to Friday, by the way. I'm not sure whether I want to. One of my friends likes it, but the other people who were talking to me about it said it was very annoying.)

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