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That's the name of the anime that I just finished not too long ago. I found out about Macross Frontier in a different way than I usually do. The typical ways for me to find animes are:

1. A friend recommends them to me
2. Wikipedia browsing (I visit the Wikipedia page of a studio or a voice actor that I liked, and look at what other animes it/he/she produced or acted in.)
3. I see some nice fanart of the anime on the Internet and eventually become curious about it

That 3rd method is how I found out about Vocaloid, by the way. And one of my friends told me she thought it was an anime, so I went looking for the episodes on the Internet. Turned out to be a voice synthesizer...For those who aren't familiar with Vocaloid, I'll try to explain. It's a program where you can use a voice to sing songs. But the voice isn't your own, nor is it any real person. It's the voice of a "fictional" character; the most famous Vocaloid is Miku Hatsune (but there are multiple others, and there are UTAUloids - though that's actually for a different program).

In fact, it was through Vocaloids that I found about Macross Frontier. A while back (it was at least a few months ago), I was browsing around Youtube, and I happened to see the song Lion.

Later on, I did a bit of poking around and found out that Lion is actually one of the songs for Macross Frontier.

I like this song quite a bit, and after seeing the opening video, as well as fanart and cosplay of the series, I put it on my To-Be-Watched list. And now it's finished.

Well, my opinion of the series has changed since I began watching it. I was intrigued by the anime in the beginning, but later on I started to get annoyed by how Ranka and Sheryl get so hung up over Alto. I guess the relationships among the three of them are important to the story, but even so... :\ I used to like Alto better, but now I dislike him for being so wishy-washy. (I did read somewhere that Alto finally chooses between Ranka and Sheryl in the movie that came out this year, but I haven't had the opportunity to watch it. Maybe I could find a torrent of the movie on the Internet, but I heard that torrents weren't safe, that they often had viruses in them or something...)

Still, I must say that I am quite fond of the music in the series. Ranka Lee's voice acting and songs are by Megumi Nakajima, who happens to be the one who provided the voicebank for the Vocaloid Gumi. In fact, I read somewhere that Gumi's design is based off of the character Ranka Lee. (Everything really is connected, isn't it?) As for Sheryl Nome, her singing (not voice acting) is by May'n (May/Mei Nakabayashi). I'm fond of both Megumi's and May'n's voices, though overall I prefer May'n's songs. Anyways, Macross Frontier had some pretty good music - my personal favorites song-wise were Lion, Northern Cross, and Aimou. I recommend that you check out the music even if you don't watch the anime.

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