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I saw something pretty interesting on television recently. The TV show (probably BBC world news or something, I dunno) was talking about a lady whose medium of art is sand. She actually uses sand to make her art. I thought it was really amazing, and I figured I'd share it here too. The name of the lady is Kseniya Simonova. Click here for a video

I was actually going to name this post "footprints in the sand", but then again, that wouldn't make sense. But that does remind me, I watched a good anime at least a year ago, and its name is H2O: Footprints in the Sand. It's about a boy who was blind. And then that reminded me of something else, a webcomic called Ne Sori. I heard that it means My Sound in Korean but I have no idea if that's true, what with my very minimal knowledge of Korean. Click here for Ne Sori. It's the first page. To go to the next page, click Next. Ne Sori is about a boy who can't speak, I think...

My house has been acting up again lately. Suspicious things have been happening a lot. The ceiling fan seems to be alive. Sometimes it turns on by itself. It already happened several times, so I'm sure it's not my imagination. (If I were more superstitious, I would assume a ghost had inhabited my ceiling fan) The garage, too, has been behaving strangely. I closed the garage door and was going into my house when the garage door opened up again! (Probably because of the wind blowing so hard against it. It was a really windy day.) I know the house is old, though it has been remodeled once, but it's kind of freaky.

Oh yes, and I recently signed up for what day to present my Outside Reading Project. That's basically a book report from language arts class where you get to pick three books, but one has to be an autobiography, biography, or a memoir. There's two parts to it. 1) Make a venn diagram showing the similarities and differences between the autobiography/biography/memoir you read and something else that had the same theme (a song, movie, etc.). 2) Give a speech on one of the books you read "for fun". I chose October 12 to present since 12 and 18 were my lucky numbers. I wonder if they still are, because I'm counting on 12 to give me success!

I really haven't said much in this post. I guess it's the morning blues. Or maybe it's because I can't sleep enough, so I end up still being sick. (Unless...I got a second cold in a row! Like what happened once! That would be dreadful. I was sick for a long time because I got two colds, one after another) And this is bad seeing as I have to run a mile today...Oh well. If I faint, it's alright, I suppose.

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