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A few days ago, when my mom was driving me to my summer classes, we saw a yellow school bus parked by the side of the road. I wondered if it was a field trip that a summer camp was doing (because school ought to be out unless you take "year-long" school) but then I saw that the people getting off the bus had golf clubs. So it must've been a group of kids who were taking golf classes. (The bus was not far from the Blackberry Farms Golf Course) Then, of course, my mom had to remind me that she wanted me to learn golf, and especially so since my dad wants me to take the classes so he can learn too.

Recently, I went to Petsmart. I usually go there to pass the time if my mom is going to the grocery store or something. (My dad accompanies me) We wanted to get another pet koi for our fish tank, but it's not a good time to seeing as I will be leaving for vacation soon. I mean, I heard there was a family that had a lot of fish in a big koi pond and they don't even go on long vacations because they don't want to leave the fish alone. So maybe we'll be getting a new fish after I return, in August. My dad wanted to get a greyish-colored koi. What do you think?

While I'm at Petsmart, I often look at the other animals, especially the cats. They take a few cats in and you can adopt them. There were two cats that looked very alike (I guess they were siblings) who were quite energetic and if you put your finger on the glass, then they'd seem to be trying to bite you. o_O;; And there was a Siamese cat. I really like Siamese cats because of their blue eyes and how their paws and ears are dark while the rest of their bodies are light. But seeing as my mom is unwilling to adopt a cat or dog, I'm stuck only looking.

My parents say the main reason why I can't be entrusted with such a pet is because children will often beg and beg for a pet until their parents give it to them, and they will promise to take care of the animal. But after a few weeks they won't take care of the pet, just play with it when they feel like it. And the parents are stuck taking care of the animal since you can't just "get rid of it" - It's a living being (this is sort of like the debate over whether abortion is humane). So my parents don't want that to happen if they do get me a dog or cat.

Still, I can't help wanting one because I'd rather find out for myself than just hear what other people already have to say about it. It's kind of like how everyone believed Aristotle's writings even though he assumed a lot of them since he didn't have time to discover everything himself. It wasn't until later that scientists proved him wrong, finding out the Earth was not the center of the universe, and things like that. My dad says it'd be nice if there was a "Rent-a-Pet" kind of business so I could have a trial run and if I'm responsible enough, then I could adopt a dog or cat. (That sure would be nice, but as far as I know there is no such business...)

I recently discovered how hard it is to draw umbrellas. I was doodling and decided to make the person hold an umbrella. However, it would turn out lopsided or it would be too high or too small or something. I had to keep adjusting it and finally I gave up and decided I would just leave it as is. Maybe I should get out one of my umbrellas and look at it to draw one. (It's easier for me to draw things I can see with my own two eyes.)

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