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I am so tired again this morning. As usual, I woke up early even though I should've slept in (I woke up before 8 am, I think. I must be too used to school). Even though I was really tired from my mom's friend's little private party, it seems like my brain still thinks I need to wake up for school. No wonder my head hurts - my brain is overworking itself on the weekend, and no one pays it, and it doesn't get to retire until I'm super old. XD

Last night we drove for an hour just to get to my mom's friend's house. It is because my dad is bad at navigation, but he is the one who almost always drives... And since I was crabby because I wanted to stay home, I refused to help. I was getting carsick, so when we arrived, I was placed on the couch. I call the host "Soup Chicken" because her the first part of her name is Soup, and the second part of it is pronounced similarly to Chicken!! Soup Chicken has her mother at the house. Soup's mother gave me this weird sort of massage and put some suspicious medicine. It actually helped me feel better, though.

Once I was back up on my feet I was told to go upstairs and "play" with Soup's daughter, whose name is Sara. Normally, I really hate the children of my mom's friends, but since Sara talks a lot, I don't need to do much besides make a few comments and ask a few questions here and there. We get along well because Sara is simply very good at filling the silence. XD This is only the third time we saw each other but we are just about friends now.

Sara told me about the neighbors' dogs. There is a dog called Bear who is HUGE (I saw him before I went into their house), he is mostly black with some other colors. Sara says he looks scary (he is actually considered SMALL for his species!) but he is really very playful and sweet like a puppy. Then there are two other dogs, called Cocoa and Latte. Apparently they are tiny, only as big as one of the floor tiles in Soup Chicken's kitchen, but they are very well-behaved and smart, and can walk without a leash - but they'll come running back if you call them. The two of them always go places together. The way Sara talks, I bet she really wants a dog. So do I, but my mom keeps saying "You can have one once you're an adult." Anyhow, there is one last dog Sara talked about - the DOG AT THE END OF THE STREET. He is small like Cocoa and Latte but very territorial. Sara has a brother, and her brother looked at the dog suspiciously, causing the dog to begin barking in a high-pitched fashion. Apparently, if you even ring the doorbell, the dog will come running and will try to break down the door to bark at you. The owner has to put her leg in the way before she opens the door so the dog won't start attacking.

This is really going to be a long post, so bear with me. After eating some pumpkin ice cream pie, my family left because our home is far away from Soup Chicken's house. (She lives in Pleasanton, CA, which is at least 45 minutes drive from our place. Her neighborhood is called Ironwood and it is filled with nice houses - and dogs!) On the drive back, my dad and I were telling stories and arguing, as usual. My mom laughs sometimes but mostly she thinks we're crazy. And my grandma, always the quiet one, was silent practically the whole time. My dad wants me to write down his "new famous quote". Here it is, below. He obviously thinks highly of himself.

"I'm so good, I'm too good for myself."
And since he likes French movies, I'll translate it into French for him.
"Je suis tellement bien, je suis trop bien pour moi-même."

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I counted, that's the third time you said lol. XD

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