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In elementary school, it had been a tradition for the 1st graders to put on a play each year called "Once Upon a Lily Pad". It was about a frog who had trouble jumping, or something like that, and he bumped into various other pond animals, like crocodiles and snakes. I had a very short role as the Mama Frog. Even after 1st grade, we upper graders would still watch the performance, and the one thing I remember clearly about it was a certain song that goes "Listen to your parents, listen and obey" (it was a catchy song, though I'm sure my parents would be much happier if I actually followed the song's advice XD).

There was, of course, a happy ending with the frog joining our elementary school's jumping team (which is nonexistent, so don't try to find it). It's too bad real frogs can't have such a lovely life as is depicted in children's books. I was at the supermarket today with my mother, and we went to the seafood section...It was there that I saw a glass tank.

And inside of it were frogs.

The frogs were still alive - not moving much, just kind of sitting there and breathing, but they were certainly alive. On the tank, it was written that the frogs had to be killed before they left the store if you bought them.

I guess frogs can be eaten, and people do eat them. I mean, I have no qualms about eating fish. But even my appetite for fish was ruined when I saw a lady buying fish. She gave the store worker the A-OK, and he took two flopping fish and started whacking at them with a mallet. Even then, they kept on moving, kept trying to live, but the hammer thudded down, over and over, and finally, the fish were still. Dead.

It's funny to me, how I'll be repulsed by something for a while, but I always go back to normal life. I guess it's necessary for me to keep going. To keep pace with such a speedy world. But I do wish that I could take it all at a snail's pace. Just ooze along like I have forever and a day to do what I like. Even if I get squished in the process.

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