By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, September 12, 2009 @ 5:55 PM

Yesterday I saw a terrible, terrible thing. Why, it was so perfectly dreadful I had nightmares for weeks. (Nah, I'm just exaggerating about that. If I saw it yesterday, I could only have nightmares for one day) It wasn't rape. It wasn't murder. It wasn't a kidnapping either. It was... PEOPLE BOARDING A CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!

Sorry for the caps lock use. It's not often that I do that. Well, I should explain what I saw in more detail. As I was walking home, I was almost at a crosswalk when I noticed some familiar figures in the middle of the road. It was my parents' friends' son and daughter, getting into their father's car. By doing so, they were blocking the cars behind them, since you're not supposed to board in the middle of the road, you should pull over to the side so you won't be causing a line to slowly build up behind you. (Otherwise people like my mom will honk at you. Like my mom honked at someone in the morning who was behaving strangely, because they could've moved forward but they just stayed still, and when I got out of the car I could feel pairs of eyes on me) It was even worse that I knew the offenders. I mean, it's one thing to see strangers committing a dastardly crime but it's quite another if it's someone you have actually had conversations with in the past.

Speaking of other crimes, theft seems to be something common at school. Recently a classmate of mine was acting suspicious and then the Weepul my friend had (Weepuls are basically pom pom type things with faces on them. This one looked like an ice cream cone! Was pretty cute) had vanished. There is no real evidence whether the suspicious boy stole it, but who knows...They say that theft frequently happens among middle school students...Also, I haven't been able to find two of my pens. (I'm pretty sure I dropped it or it got lost in the black hole called my backpack, but still, you can never be too sure these days.)

I can now officially celebrate the rebirth of my GIMP. It had not been working yesterday. Probably I had too much brushes or accidentally deleted a file that was crucial to it. So I ended up having to back up my brush files and then delete the GIMP and remove the files belonging to it. Then I reinstalled it and used the backed up files to restore a little of the brushes that I used to have. Now it is working right as rain and I am quite relieved. What else would I use for graphics if I didn't have GIMP? Photoscape? (Doesn't have enough brushes) MS Paint? (Doesn't even have an airbrush tool or anything complicated) Photoshop? (Costs money except for 30 day trial and I don't know how to use it)

Guess what? This is the 200th post! Wow, I can't believe ◆ k a i s o u m i z u has managed to get so far. Bring out the beer - er, I mean, Calpico. (An artificial drink from Asia which comes in various flavors. My favorite is strawberry)

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