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My beautiful orchids are reaching their demise. I used to have three of them. One was purple, one was a lighter purple, and this one is white. The plants are still alive but the flowers have fallen off. They've kept their petals for at least a couple of months, but now they're shriveling up! Maybe I should try to get the seeds if possible, and fertilize them, and then plant them in a new pot. The problem is, orchids take a lot of time and patience to raise. After all, I heard it takes 5 years for them to reach their mature, beautiful look that people prize. It's hard to believe they are so cheap at the farmers market and flea market.

I need to put a stop to my dad's evil schemes. My mom went grocery shopping and she came back with a pack of Bud Light beer. I got really mad at my mom since I disapprove of my dad drinking alcohol (yeah, I know, beer doesn't have that much compared to whiskey, brandy, and stuff like that, but still). Then my mom said if she didn't buy it for him he'd buy it himself for a bad price. No wonder my dad has a Computer Science major instead of Economics, he isn't exactly a bargain shopper.

One time I managed to foil his plotting. I saw that he'd bought some cigarettes, he said it was because a colleague wanted them, but I was feeling doubtful, so I secretly snuck off with them and hid them. My dad and mom are displeased with me but I don't even remember where I put it so if they torture me (like they did in the Spanish inquisition if they thought people were hiding something) I won't be able to reveal anything.

I'd like some suggestions for my next blog theme. I was thinking something seasonal or anime-related, but who knows. (I already have some blogskin users bookmarked so that I can easily access some spiffy layouts) Seeing as I am too lazy to make an image and code a blog layout I figure I will have to use a pre-made. So if you have an idea of what to look for, please let me know in the Cbox. ;)

My mom thinks that bikers are weird. Whenever we drive to piano class on Sunday, we always see a bunch of bikers. The male ones usually wear this odd biking outfit which flaps a little when they go fast. They all look like they have sharks or pieces of rock on their heads because of the helmets. Because they keep biking even in the blazing hot sun, my mom thinks they're really addicted and perhaps have no life. I was kind of jealous of them, actually, since they seem happy and they make friends because they have a "common hobby".

Here's today's lesson. Last time the whole post was basically me lecturing about Apocalypse type happenings. This time I want to point out the difference between principal and principle. I have noticed some people write principle when they are talking about the school headmaster. It seems like no one paid attention in Mrs. Weber's third grade class. :( Anyhow, here's the difference between them.
PRINCIPLE - This is basically a guideline or idea which people generally accept. For instance, a person could have good moral principles.
PRINCIPAL - Someone who is the head, for instance, a school. Don't forget, he is your pal! (That's a cheesy phrase I heard somewhere. XD)

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