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One of my friends always needs to be occupied somehow. If she's not kept busy she will descend upon your belongings. I have managed to appease her with a book but who knows what will happen tomorrow because I have finished that book and won't be bringing it to school again. D: Lately I have been working on something called a budget project, in which you make up four or five people to create a family, and then have to use a certain amount of money to rent a house, get a car and furniture, find a job, and feed and clothe all of the people. I am in charge of the food, so I have been looking over grocery coupons and fliers to try to find deals. (All the same, I ended up spending hundreds of dollars XD) Whenever I leave my pencil case out my friend starts rifling through it, or she takes the scissors and cuts up scraps of paper, or she "blows up" my backpack (as it is a roller backpack, that is basically pushing down the lever when it is up). I don't mind too much as long as she doesn't cause any serious trouble, but still I must be sure to keep a secure hold on my belongings.

Another friend of mine is less restless in comparison, but still enjoys poking around. She is a fan of sharp things, so she likes inspecting people's teeth. I think she ought to be a dentist or something. She likes swords, too, particularly katana swords. And if I have noodles as part of my lunch, if I give her permission, she uses the fork to separate the carrots and olives from the noodles, and then sorts the noodles by color (green, beige, and orange). Actually, the lunch looks more artistic that way, but not very appetizing.

Anyhow, as the blog post's title mentions dogs, I figure I ought to talk about them, namely the chihuahua (pronounced "Chi-wa-wa"). Back in fifth grade I remember my teacher would pronounce it the way it looked, so he called it "Chi-hoo-a-hoo-a". I thought of them since my history teacher mentioned it. (Yes, my history teacher is rather talkative...) The name actually means rat dog. My teacher doesn't like them since they are small and might even try to attack you, they bark so much and in a high-pitched way. He only likes the ones that are lazy and don't do much. He should probably get a cat, then, and not one of the hyper young'uns.

This week has been STAR testing week. STAR stands for Standardized Testing and Reporting. It's the annual test for all California students from second grade to eighth grade. (I presume that once you reach high school you can only take finals and SATs or something.) The eighth graders have six days of testing, but we only have four. The school class schedule is messed up now. We have a testing period that's practically two hours, and then thirty minute periods. It feels odd. I also have less homework (I've already done it, mostly, so I just have the budget project and a PE muscle drawing right now) and I fear I will lose my time management abilities because of the weirdness of school.

Lately at school the PE teachers have been discussing drugs, alcohol, and smoking. The first day we started going over it, my PE teacher asked us to separate to the two sides of the gym depending on whether we were affected by tobacco or not (meaning someone in our family smoked, or something like that). I should've gone to the Affected side, since several male relatives of mine like to blow some smoke. Then Mr. Robinson announced he was giving us a sermon (no, not the religious kind) called "How to Be a Loser". He said the very first step is to hang out behind 7-11, because there is bushes and stuff there so people can illegally smoke cigarettes. My teacher said he was very disappointed since one day he was jogging and saw a girl who used to be one of his star students, doing a rather suspicious activity back there. She pretended nothing was going on and said hello to Mr. Robinson, but he didn't reply, having seen the smoke billowing out from behind her back.

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