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Well, maybe middle-aged, and not quite old. But the actresses in the movie Mamma Mia don't seem too young, except for the person who plays the part of the main character's daughter (the main character is played by Meryl Streep. Sounds like a married sheep to me, no offense intended) who is probably pretty young. Her eyes look kind of buggish in a way. But anyhow, back to the old ladies. There's Meryl Streep who has wavy blonde hair. Then there's another lady with glasses, and then a lady with brown hair who just scares me. They all do, really. Here's a link to a picture. Kind of scary. Click here

The movie itself is just wacky...I saw the three old ladies sliding down the banister of a staircase. Then there was this guy swinging his guitar back and forth like he was trying to hit someone. And then three old guys and a young girl leaped off of a cliff. They're all beach bums, no doubt about it. o_O;;

Today, by the way, is the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival in my town. Apparently, the city I live in is part of some sister city thing with a city somewhere in Japan (that's how come we have some cherry blossom trees around). The lame thing is, probably most of the cherry blossom trees are no longer in bloom. Due to our climate changing, spring starts a bit earlier than usual. But I guess it's still nice to see the festival is still going on. Last year I bought a necklace. It had a cherry blossom pattern, since cherry blossoms are one of my favorite trees (besides ginkgos, Japanese maples, and something else I already forgot). Actually, it was made of rice paper (the necklace pendant, not the trees XD) so that was interesting.

It seems like the Louvre museum in Paris, France is very popular. Louvre is an art museum and has things like paintings and statues. The statues are kind of creepy since they are often nude. -_-;; The Mona Lisa was on display at Louvre last time I went. (There was a story about how it got to be at Louvre, but as always, it's flown out of my mind. I think it used to belong to Italy.) Apparently 8.5 million people visited Louvre...Or so San Jose Mercury News says. Apparently the British Museum in London, England is also quite popular. I hope I get to see it. Even though I've been to London, we've just seen things like the Tower Bridge and a castle (there was a sign saying some queen got beheaded there. It was probably Anne Bolelyn or Catherine of Aragon or someone like that) and also Big Ben. We never got to see the museum. I want to go to the museums in London and see the Egyptian artifacts and stuff.

Whenever I walk by the hallway bathroom in the mornings, I always get hit by a waft of some foul, sourish sweet-smelling substance. My mom says it's my dad's shampoo. Maybe later, when the smell has worn off a little, I should go in and find out what it is. I don't think it's his mouthwash since he always used mouthwash (but who knows, maybe he changed brands or something, you can never be too sure). Anyhow, we have to get rid of that smell. It makes me grimace.

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