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Today was my first taste of mangoes in a long time. Some people say they like the fruit, and my mom bought them on sale, so my dad gave me some to eat. They were orange on the inside and if you take a closer look they seem slightly fuzzy or something. It even tastes like that. The taste isn't something I'm fond of so I've decided I still prefer green pears, blueberries, fresh bananas, plums, and peaches better. (Strawberries are good too but if they're big and taste funny that's not so nice.)

Has anyone heard all the abuzz about the swine flu? (I'm sure at least most of you have, but just in case someone lives under a rock, or something like that...) The symptoms seem pretty similar to an ordinary sickness, if you ask me, and some people are wondering "What's the big deal?" because the ordinary flu kills way more people than the swine flu, at least so far, but still, it is a new disease, so it merits interest. Also, my dad says there are some rumors that the swine flu actually started in California and not Mexico. I hope it's not true since I don't want it to be near me. I just hope this disease can be stopped, before, as President Obama says, it grows into "something worse".

I must have some kind of problem with using bandages or something. In the past whenever I put on a bandage it would stay there until it started to peel off after a few days. But nowadays whenever I sleep the bandage somehow gets detached. When I wake up the bandage (which I put on that place where your upper and lower leg connect) has somehow disappeared. The reason why I put on a bandage was since having constant rashes made my skin start to come apart. It looks kind of creepy. Most of the time I can ignore if but sometimes it feels itchy or starts aching. So I put on a bandage to try and let it heal, yet I can't get it to stay. I think I'm going to give up, I don't want to use up a whole box of them. D:

My mother has undergone a gradual transformation, kind of like a silkworm turning into a chubby moth. When I was younger, she was quite frugal and rarely bought clothes, unless they were very cheap. She always kept tons of coupons around. Sometimes I would help her by cutting out coupons with scissors. Even now she still has so many coupons, flyers, and all that so she needs to keep them in a cloth bag which keeps spilling, but she has bought many clothes. (Of course, it was on sale and stuff, but still) Some rather ugly looking things from Old Navy (no offense to the store, but one of the jackets she bought looked kind of like a bloated, ripply trash bag) and a rather bright green shirt from Banana Republic, and also something from Talbots (which is a women's clothing place, I've seen it, the changing rooms were cool since they had fans and nice mirrors and picture frames on the wall (the pictures were those fashion design sketches which they make to brainstorm a good idea).

Even worse, she started talking to me about a store that sold glass and crystal items. Actually, that's not too bad since it looks very shiny, but the problem is, my mom wanted us to pick out three different pieces of jewelry for $99. (It's a deal since I think one piece is like $45 or something) Before she barely bought jewelry, except for this one time she got a blue topaz necklace (it is my favorite of her jewelry) and also a ruby necklace from a website (I don't like it since it was cheap and the gems are small and not shiny). Then we ended up picking three. I would've liked to buy a bottle ship, though, or flowers made of crystal. They were more colorful and detailed than just plain jewelry which you can get almost anywhere. By the way, the store is not Swarovski but it does sell some of Swarovski's stuff. (Swarovski is a cool place you might find in malls around the world. It sells lots of shiny things.)

And last of all, my mom dropped a not-so-subtle hint that Mother's Day was coming up. I asked my dad to be sure and it's actually next Sunday. AAAAAHHH! For the first time, she really expects me to give her something! The only gift we ever got for her before was some cards I made at school when I was younger, and a green Care Bear plushie, and also a fake flowerpot thing, and a car (but that's useful to everyone, so...) I can't decide what to get her. Help? Maybe I could get her a new portable DVD player, or drama CDs, or more jewelry, or a giftcard? (She gets books and dramas from the library most of the time anyways.)

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