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That's what I can infer from comparing two houses that I see on my route home. One of them has a dark reddish door with a long oval of fancy glass in it. It is two stories and has a front yard. Originally the house looked quite different, what with so many weeds in the yard it looked scary. Now it has been repainted orange and green and all the weeds were pulled up so it's just an expanse of brown dirt. Whoever lives there is definitely quite active when it comes to their house since it is changing a lot.

But the other house is a white one with a door built into a corner and some columns, and another gate and door into the house. One time when I went by there was a man standing on the second floor balcony and yelling at someone. Today when I passed the house there was a bunch of newspapers on the driveway. Some had yellowish pages and others had white pages. I know one of the newspapers was the Wall Street Journal. I wonder if the house's owner has been out since it seems like the newspapers haven't even been unbound from the rubber bands which are used to hold them in the "suitable for smacking insects and smacking other people" position.

I am recently reading a book called Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. The main character wants to be an actress and so this tells of her dealing with her archenemy at school, among other matters. One of my friends had no book to read so she read mine instead. She said that the main character lied a lot. I remember last year my language arts teacher said that you should write about what is familiar to you. I suppose the author may have had a big mouth when she was younger, then. XD And no, I don't mean big mouths like those commercials they used to have on television.

Due to this being STAR testing time, we have had a weird schedule what with about two hours for "testing" and class periods roughly thirty minutes each. Plus, this means the schedule looks like this instead, as what happens with assemblies (like bike safety, and such).
STAR Testing
20 minutes for brunch
1st Period
2nd Period
3rd Period
Lunch (about 40 minutes?)
4th Period
5th Period
6th Period

This is bad since I have 4th period PE and must run after eating. Seeing as these days I get nauseous easily it is rather dangerous. Luckily I can usually hold back urges to throw up if I drink some water. (Even the school's water fountains taste better in this case XD)

Just a few seconds ago I heard the sound of someone rapping on the door. I never answer the door because my parents have keys/garage door openers so they would break into the house or open the garage, not knock or ring the doorbell. I bet it's more solicitors. My parents put these stickers on the door to try and keep people away since they never like telemarketers or door-to-door salesmen (they always say "We're not interested. Please don't call again" and stuff like that) but it seems like people usually disregard it anyways. I actually feel bad for them, though my parents don't understand why I think so.

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