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I saw something on a book cover that I found very strange. The book is The Treasures of Weatherby, written by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. Near the author's name there were the words, "Loathed by LEMONY SNICKET*". (Don't ask what the asterisk is for since I really have no idea. It doesn't have any small text anywhere explaining it, like on promotional offers) I wonder if anyone has an idea about how come you'd put your enemy's name on your book's cover. I mean, it's kind of like when people say, "That book is really horrible!" or "That website is really boring!" Then it makes you curious about it. Maybe in truth, Zilpha Keatley Snyder and Lemony Snicket are friends, or it's a plot to get more money for one another?

Sometimes the strangest things happen in anime. I was watching one and then a chicken started fighting a guy. The chicken flew all over the place, pecking and squawking, and then started doing things that looked like magic or something. Seriously, I've always thought of chicken as something to eat that can sometimes give you sickness from salmonella. (No offense intended if you are a vegetarian, or raise chickens yourself.)

I took a nap yesterday for the first time in a long while. Usually I can't nap at all. I must've been really exhausted or something. I'd just walked to Whole Foods since my parents wanted to buy two things. For some reason we usually only buy a few items at a time when we go to the grocery store. I figure it would save gas and all to buy a lot of things at the time (but then again, there are reasons for not buying many things at a time. For instance, food expires, and you may not be able to eat or drink it all). Anyhow, I ate a sample of some vintage cheese. It had a strong flavor. My mom wrinkled her nose and said cheese was stinky. I didn't smell anything but I suppose it's because my breathing is not too good.

Once I walked home I was feeling very sluggish, though my mom and dad always think I'm being dramatic. Well, it is true that being an actress is one of my "back-up jobs" but I really felt kind of tired. Maybe it was just lack of sleep every night building up. I slept for an hour, maybe more. I don't understand why taking naps makes you tired all over again. My dad insists that taking naps will make you refreshed and happy. It took a few hours of being awake for me to stop feeling dizzy and dehydrated. (But I suppose overall it was worthwhile.)

Speaking of back-up jobs, I haven't quite decided what my actual career goal is. I've wanted to be a fiction novelist, but ever heard of "starving artists"? I heard, for instance, J.K. Rowling was very poor before Harry Potter made a big splash. And many authors will never be so famous they can sit down to dinner with Queen Elizabeth II and the Obamas. So I keep wondering what I should do for a living. Of course there are some years to go before I even need to work but it's good to plan ahead. I want to do something I like to do (which hopefully shouldn't be hard to pull off, I have many interests) but which also has many jobs available or at least a steady income. Otherwise I will have to fall on the suggestion to marry a rich guy. That would be very shallow and also there isn't a huge supply of "rich guys".

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