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I seriously have no idea what to name this post, so of course I had to take a stab at a lame pun. :p

I never had much interest in VY1 or VY2 (Yamaha's Vocaloids) up until recently. I'd only ever heard maybe a couple of VY1 songs and they hadn't really impressed me...That's probably why I didn't like Vocaloid music when I first listened to it two years ago. First impressions really make a difference.

Recently, though, I was bored and looking for more songs to listen to, so I was lurking in VocaloidOtaku's forums (yes, I do have an account, but nowadays I'm too lazy to log in o_o;; ) and decided to look at VY1 and VY2's forums. I listened to a couple of songs and was pleasantly surprised. Now I think that the Yamaha Vocaloids are high quality, and of course I still like Internet Co's Vocaloids (such as GUMI, Gakupo, and Lily). I always wonder how come Miku is used for the vast majority of songs out there when there are so many other Vocaloids. Maybe the producers bought their Vocaloids earlier on when there weren't as many Japanese Vocaloids available. Or maybe it's just because Miku happens to be the most famous. (She even appears in a car commercial. Though I can't say I liked the Toyota Corolla commercial with Miku in it much.)

I've found that I like VY2's voice a lot, better than Kaito's, though I'm not sure yet whether I prefer him over Gakupo (and I know thefalse-tto will skin me alive if I say so). True, I don't think that his "symbol", the sword, is particularly creative since it reminds me a lot of Gakupo (since Gakupo is designed to look like a samurai), but I guess it's supposed to go along with VY1's symbol, which is a fan.

Here's VY2's cover of the song Iroha Uta.

A fairly recent song by VY2. (You can probably tell I greatly prefer his voice when it's low; I generally dislike high-pitched Vocaloid voices)

And here's a duet of the song Cendrillon, by VY1 and VY2.

Besides just their Vocaloids, though, I must say I also like their pianos. My piano's a Yamaha one and I have always liked its sound. (:

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