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I know that I'm a little late, but hey, I didn't have Internet access for the past two days. (If anyone's curious, I'll talk about what I was doing in my next post)

Let's start with Aoki Lapis. She's the Vocaloid for the I-style Project, which is run by Studio DEEN and Surfersparadise. There was a competition for who would provide her voice, and now finally we get to hear what Lapis sounds like.

And here's Tone Rion. I don't really know much about her other than that she's being developed by something called MoeJapan...?

They're both cute, I guess, but I prefer Mew by far. Mew is the newest Vocaloid from Yamaha, and was released just two days ago (October 21, which is the release date of Vocaloid 3!).

So far GUMI and VY1's Vocaloid3 versions have been released. Here's a GUMI song made with Vocaloid3.

I'd like to share a few recent songs made with Vocaloid2 as well. Must not neglect it even if it is no longer the cutting edge of Vocaloid software.

The PV is just amazing, and the song is nice too.

The name "made me expect something very sugary. :p And I've seen this artist's works in other Vocaloid songs, I think. I'm pretty sure the Luka songs "6th" and "A Balance" are also illustrated by the same person.

I'm not sure whether this song was made with Vocaloid2 or Vocaloid3, but I'm just guessing Vocaloid2 because most of the songs made using Vocaloid3 say so in the title.

Len saying "monkey" sounds pretty cute. xD


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