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I'll start out with a big birthday shout-out to the Vocaloid Lily! There's sure been a lot of Vocaloid birthdays this summer - Gumi, Gakupo, and Miku's is coming up pretty soon.

Not a lot of Vocaloid producers use Lily, which is a shame because I do like her design and voice, but I have read that she's rather difficult to use...Oh well, happy birthday to her, nevertheless, and I hope someday we'll see more songs from her.

Art by 林ゆっけ

On to the main subject: The J-pop Summit Festival in San Francisco's Japantown. I only heard about it recently on Vocaloidism's blog, or else I would have wanted to go the year before last year (probably not last year because I was so freaked out by the homework load in high school that I didn't want to go out of the house for the first few weeks). But at least I had the chance to go this year, so I was really excited about it.

It's really not that big of a festival, not like the size of huge conventions such as Anime Expo down in LA or anything like that. That reminds me, one of my friends did ask if I wanted to go to Sacanime in Sacramento with her...I really want to go, but it is pretty far from here. :\

Mostly I walked around and bought posters at the vendors' tents at the festival, as well as gawking at all the cosplays I saw, which included:

- Many, many Mikus (well, I guess that's to be expected, the most popular Vocaloid ever). Not just her official outfit; there were several different costumes.
- 2 Kaitos
- 1 Meiko
- 2 Lukas
- 2 Gumis (both were of the song Matryoshka)
- 2 Pikos (this really surprised me, I didn't expect a lot of people to know about him)
- At least 3 Rin/Len pairs (a picture of one of the pairs below)

(I do not know either of the cosplayers or the person with them XD)

There were also cosplays of:
- K-On (There were Yui and Mugi wearing the K-On school uniforms, and Mio wearing the outfit from the ending song Listen)
- Macross Frontier (but actually, it was kind of a Vocaloid crossover, since the girl who was being Ranka Lee had a Miku wig on, and the girl who was Sheryl Nome had what looked like a Luka wig)
- Kuroshitsuji (there was a Ciel cosplay, and also a guy with black hair and a butler/waiter type of shirt, I don't know if he was doing Sebastian or not)

And there were a ton of girls dressed up in lolita fashion. I wonder if they got dolled up just for this weekend's festival or if they wear the clothing on a regular basis. o:

I really spent way too much money on buying posters, but I'd say it was worth it. XD I considered buying a t-shirt that said The Socialist on it (because it's featuring the Rin Kagamine song "Socialist Darling") just to try and see if anyone thought I was a communist (well, I did have a classmate last year who insisted he was a communist, so it's quite possible someone would notice and get fired up about it). Also walked around and saw that there were two small malls in Japantown, so I browsed the stores over there and bought a few things. There's two crepe stores there! I definitely have to come back and buy them. And I ought to go check out San Jose's Japantown sometime. I guess I'm just going to make myself even more obsessed with anime and Vocaloids and whatnot, but oh well. It's good to finally have something to look forward during this coming year.

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