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Yesterday, I tried to fight a spider to the death. I was eating lunch when one of the people there panicked because a spider was scrambling about. I attempted to vanquish the spider by slapping at it with my corndog wrapper. However, the corndog wrapper isn't perfectly straight, so by luck the spider was always not getting squashed - I hit him at few times and he still got up and started moving again. Eventually I gave up and let him crawl into the wall. It looks like spiders are very strong, even if it is annoying when they make spiderwebs in my garage.

Moths are not invincible, though. A classmate of mine once told me that there had been a moth at her house. It was attracted to light, as insects are wont to be, and so the moth flew inside a lamp. Then, apparently, there was a sizzle and some smoke coming from the lamp...The bulb must've been hot enough to burn the moth to a crisp. o_O;; What a gruesome way to die.

I just saw a third Scissorhands person. When I was walking home one time, I saw a man holding a huge pair of scissors (shears?) and he was trimming his bush. That makes three Scissorhands people now. The craze really is spreading. D: But that's very dangerous. You're not supposed to run with scissors, and you should hold the scissors away from people. But maybe people are fond enough of having scissorhands that those cautions shall be forgotten.

My history teacher has been exasperated with our class recently. The students have been asking questions since we are having a quiz on Monday. Some students asked if they had to memorize the whole Preamble or Article 1 and things like that. The teacher said, "What kind of man do you think I am? You guys seem to think I'm really mean or something." Well, it is true that I find him intimidating. But he doesn't need to know that. XD

Also, he will give us extra credit if we do something extraordinary. He said that people have been saying, "If I write an essay, can I have extra credit?" And he is not going to give extra credit for that because it's not special enough, doesn't show enough effort. He showed us an example of something he would give extra credit for. It was a video made by a student that showed James Madison talking with a mountain background. The funny part was that James Madison's mouth was basically moved up and down, which looked very awkward. The student talked in the background (it didn't always match up with the movement of the mouth, but oh well), apparently he used a voice modifier so he wouldn't sound like himself. The information was correct, though. Overall it was an interesting piece of extra credit work.

I've been wondering if maybe I should try to get some extra credit. But I really don't know what kind of thing I should do. It's hard to come up with something creative.

Oh yeah, and recently I paid a visit to a website, It's a fan site of Vocaloids, more specifically Hatsune Miku. (Vocaloid, by the way, is a voice synthesizer made by Yamaha. If you want to see a comparison, look for Tori no Uta on Youtube. Listen to the one by Lia - it's the anime opening for Air Tv - and then listen to a version by Hatsune Miku, Luka Megurine, Rin and Len, or whoever else you can find. Those are all different Vocaloids) I thought the art gallery was particularly nice. The wallpapers are high resolution, so it's helpful for a person like me who has a big screen resolution, even if there is no 1440x900 wallpaper offered.

Yesterday was the last day of the trimester. Our school years at my school are divided into three trimesters, instead of two semesters (like what's in the local high schools, I believe). It's amazing that the time has passed so quickly. It means I only have two thirds of the school year left before I'm out for the summer, and then after that I'll go to high school. I don't know if I want to be older quickly or if I want time to stand still...

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