By ◆ Juppie on Thursday, September 3, 2009 @ 5:52 PM

Yet again this is a book title, and yet again I haven't read the book... (By the way, it's by Garth Nix, and my mom's friend's daughter was reading it the last time we went to their house, which was...not that recent) I think I may have found the answer to what I was wondering about in my previous post, "◆ something wicked this way comes". I found another clue yesterday, which was a dead worm on the ground, when I was walking home. I think I sort of understand what it could mean. I have two guesses...

1. If birds, then worms. If worms, then soil. If soil, then nutrients. I am trying to put it in conditional form. But maybes that's a little confusing, so I'll just say this; I saw dead birds, and birds eat worms (at least some birds do). And worms live in the soil, recycling the nutrients. So it must be related to nutrition. Maybe I or someone in my family has a health problem to do with nutrition.

2. Remember the eight crows, a symbol of heaven? I think someone is going to die or has died and will be buried in the soil, and recycled by the worms. And it means that person is going to heaven (which I have no idea about as I am an atheist but this post is not meant to be about religion anyhow). I am hoping that whoever died is not someone who I hold dear.

Then again, all this could be something invented by my imagination. I am the sort of person who sometimes hallucinates so perhaps my lack of sleep is getting to me. (I am waking up early, either due to stress, or the heat, or some other reason) Or perhaps it's just because I have trouble paying attention in class after a while and end up distracting myself since I no longer read books in class. (This proves to be a problem since I take forever to finish books if I don't read them in school. But if I read them in school, I'll get ratted out and the teachers will have steamed broccoli.)

Recently it was the birthday of one of my friends, so I brought her two balloons. I wrote on one of them. It was very nerve-wracking for me since I am freaked out by anything that makes a noise when exploding. I was afraid of fireworks when I was younger and when people pop the air in their plastic bags, that scares me as well. My dad says the balloons have good enough quality not too pop, but who knows...I did an activity last year in school where my two partners and I drew the continents, oceans, etc. on the balloon (I wrote about it, and how it lived for a month before popping, in posts a few months ago). Some people popped their balloons because they applied too much pressure. Poor balloons.

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