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Yup, a backscratcher. Very useful things, they are. You could use them as pointers (like during a presentation; I would've liked to do that, but I don't know if I can bring a backscratcher to school since it might look like a weapon, we aren't even allowed to bring scissors according to the planner, so I'm already breaking rules) or you can use them as canes (if you have a very long one?) or you can use them to save someone's life. Like if someone is hanging onto a cliff and you can't reach them with just your hand, you could use your backscratcher as an extension to your arm. ...Or, of course, you could simply scratch your back with it.

I do realize that starting off a post with backscratchers is really something kind of weird. But I had trouble getting my creative juices flowing. Now it's coming easier to write since I'm managed to start off.

I have not talked about what anime I was watching for a pretty long time, so I will now. I have been watching Aria the Natural. It is the second season of the Aria anime series (the first season is Aria the Animation and the third season is Aria the Origination). What interested me about this anime is that it's set in a world called Aqua. People had actually filled the world with water. And a famous city in Aqua is Neo-Venezia, a city that was made to be like Venice, Italy. I have wanted to go to Venice someday and I find the idea of navigating a city by water charming. Maybe I'll even try to dress up as a gondolier for Halloween. (Ha! For me, that would just be wearing a red and white shirt, and black pants, and a hat, like the "gondoliers" in the Venetian Las Vegas hotel)

Recently my history teacher was talking about Push and Pull factors. These are reasons that make someone want to leave their country. Push factors are things that the person doesn't like about the place they live. (It could be the government, or having religious persecution, or maybe not enough food like the potato famines in Ireland) Pull factors are things that draw a person to a country. (It could be job opportunities, or family already living there...Or something else. Take for example a family living in Iran. They aren't being persecuted for their religion but they didn't really have a choice what religion to have either. So they moved to the USA so their children could make the decision for themselves)

That makes me want to ask you (just as I was asked to do for homework, to talk about this with my parents), why did you, or your family, or even ancestors a long time ago, move to where you live? Was it because of push factors? Or pull factors? Or both?

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