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There was a similar quote to this, said by Ronald Reagan to Mikhail Gorbachev. But I have adjusted it to suit my purposes. Recently, I heard the shocking news that the Calabazas branch of the San Jose Library is coming down. I don't even know if they plan to set up a "temporary library" in the meantime, since it was said on their website that we ought to go visit other branches. I guess my mom could just to go Alviso (a San Jose Library not far from her office) but I still find this to be terrible. I still remember a long time ago the old Cupertino library was going to be replaced by our current one, and they set up a temporary library. Maybe San Jose doesn't have as much money. When I was young, I would ride my bike with training wheels around the rectangular path...

But anyways, before I get caught up in the past (which happens often if I have free time), at least the Cupertino library is still here. I will probably have to rely on it for all my books from now on. I am pleased to see that they have their fountains up and running again. When it was newer, the fountains had been up a lot, but then for a long time I didn't see them anymore. But now it's back, and they took down that ugly fence they temporarily set up around it. Even if it does seem like a "waste of water", I like fountains. It'd be really cool if they had ones like the Bellagio fountains.

Speaking of fountains, I saw some indoors at the Crowne Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Inside were structures which water ran down and also jumped to and fro (bad grammar sentence, sorry). It sort of reminded me of Bellagio's fountains, even those these ones were quite different. (Well, maybe these are more like the ones you find in the indoor "garden" in Bellagio) Too bad we didn't stay at the Crowne's hotel... I bet my dad and his pals would have gambled away the money, and besides, unlike Las Vegas, you have to prove you're old enough to go into the casinos (in Las Vegas, it's just that people will catch you trying to use the machines if you look too young).

The STAR test results have arrived! At least, I received mine in the mail recently. I was pleased with my results this year. My math and language arts scores were pretty even. I won't say the specifics, but language arts has gone up a huge amount, so I'm glad! My math score went down, but then again, that probably is because I'm taking the advanced math STAR tests now, not the regular ones like last year and the years before. I hope I can do as well next year when it comes to the science and history sections... If I can, I think I'm set for life (nah, I know I shouldn't have that lazy attitude or I won't be going anywhere).

We bought a timer recently. Usually we use the digital sorts of cameras, so it was a little awkward having to use one of the mechanical white ones. But I think it is much cuter than getting one of those ones with the numbers on it.

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