By ◆ Juppie on Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 6:23 PM

As of late, I have been hearing much of the oil spill that has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. British Petroleum has been trying to stop the oil from spreading, but to no avail. Animals there are dying as the water becomes polluted.

All this death and destruction evoked my memories of learning about how the Earth was formed and came to be the way it is now. I recall having watched a film about the Earth since its formation after the Big Bang, scribbling madly to take notes on the various periods (Precambrian, Cambrian, and Jurassic are the only names I remember now, though). It was a giant meteorite striking the Earth that created the Gulf of Mexico - that area used to be land, but it became sea.

The dust that rose up into the air from the collision blocked out the sunlight, and the dinosaurs, who were cold-blooded, died out, unable to deal with the frigid temperatures. It was the mammals, with their warm blood and coats of fur and hair, who were best able to survive through this time.

I wonder if perhaps the gulf is a place that has a curse upon it. That perhaps it is doomed to always be a site of death and of sorrow.

I've been watching an anime called Kuroshitsuji lately. (In English, the name would be "Black Butler".) I was surprised to see that the Hope Diamond was mentioned in the anime. Click for a picture of the diamond. I saw the diamond when I visited Washington D.C. and went to the National Museum of Natural History. I don't remember that much of it anymore, but I do recall that many people were crowded around the glass case, trying to take photos of the diamond. It is still very much a desired jewel, although it has been called "cursed" and "unlucky" (it is said to have been connected to Marie Antoinette's death, for instance). It always makes me happy when there is something I can relate to in anime or books. It's like a personal connection. Like the author of the book has the same brain as me.

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