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Today, a very strange thing happened. My mother put out the trash, recycling, and yard waste containers so the trash could be taken away. When she came back, the trash and recycling containers were still there, but the yard waste one was gone! I think that probably when the truck coming around to get the trash, maybe it lifted up the yard waste can to dump it out (since it's done using the truck, people don't get out of the truck to dump the trash in) and it accidentally dropped the whole container in! My mom suggested that someone could have stolen the yard waste bin, but that is pretty unlikely seeing as it's not really a valuable object. I mean, unless you want tree branches, or you collect trash cans, there's no point.

Well, anyways, this is an entirely different subject, but my history teacher told my class a story about gambling. It started out with him explaining how there is gambling in his bloodline. One time I think his parents and grandmother went somewhere, and after gambling his parents went to sleep in their hotel room. Then they woke up and realized that the grandmother wasn't in her bed. So my teacher's father went searching for the grandma. They found her in the casino, still playing blackjack.

Afterwards, my teacher proceeded to the actual story. During his college years, when he was still back in San Diego (I don't know where in California he is actually from. It could be the town I live in because I saw some 1993, 1994 panoramic pictures from his 7th and 8th grade year, picturing his whole grade, and it said my school's name underneath), one time he took a trip to Las Vegas with his father, brother, and two friends of his. I think they didn't all travel together, so my teacher needed to get to the hotel.

His father said, "California Hotel. Old Vegas," and hung up. (Old Vegas refers to the area not on the Strip - the Strip is the current main street of Las Vegas where all the nice hotels/casinos are, like Bellagio and The Venetian and the Mirage and Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay... and so on) My teacher tried to tell that to a taxi driver, but the taxi driver didn't know where that was. In fact, several taxi drivers didn't know where that was. He called his father again but was told "California Hotel. Old Vegas," which didn't help. So at last he found a taxi driver who knew what he was talking about.

Later on, his father wanted to make a deal with him. My teacher had brought $250 or so with him for gambling. He took my teacher's money and gave him $400, and later on all of them would split the profits they made.

They all went gambling. I mean, what else do you do in Las Vegas? Besides watching the shows and checking out the free tourist attractions... (Once you've seen them all, then you'll be bored, like I was because I've been to Las Vegas quite a few times) I recommend Bellagio's fountains. You should also see the garden inside Bellagio...Oh, and the shop that sells sweets, too. They have a chocolate waterfall if I remember correctly.

After a while, my teacher and his father were getting into the groove and had won lots of money. I think my teacher gained $900 or something. He found out that two other friends were in Las Vegas, at Mandalay Bay, so he went to meet them. My teacher talked about how he was on a roll, so one of his friends said, "Take my $20 and get me a $100." But my teacher wanted to do $25 rounds so he said he couldn't with just $20. But his friend insisted, so eventually he took $5 of his own so he would have enough. He earned $100 using the $25, and his friend said, "Do it again." My teacher reminded her that his luck/karma/skill/whatever you want to call it might run out, but she said it was okay. So he won $100 again, and again, and eventually she had $400. I wish it was always that easy to gamble; then I could retire like I want to.

My teacher's friend said she would definitely buy him McDonald's next time. My teacher had said earlier that in college he had a job in YMCA, which didn't pay so well, so he was "surviving off the McDonald's Dollar Menu". Imagine this scenario. (J means my teacher, since his first name starts with a J, and C means cashier)

J: I'd like 3 fries, please.
C: That'll be $11. (Dunno if it's really that price, but oh well)
J: No, no, I mean 3 fries. Oh, I think I'll have those over there on the ground.
C: Then that'll be $.25.

I hope he really didn't live like that. I'm sure he's kidding. I mean, it's not sanitary to eat off the floor anyways.

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